Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Airdrop tweezers, STAT!

Hey kids!

So I haven't always been the paragon of well-groomed eyebrows I am today. I can admit that. In fact, I spent years totally ignoring my eyebrows. Is this what you expected to read? Because it's not what I expected to write. I'm just writing what I'm thinking, and today, lucky us, all I'm thinking is EYEBROWS. 

Real talk: my students are talking, and instead of listening and preparing some kind of roleplay about ordering food or yelling at their subordinates or designing an ad campaign for a vanilla soda called Vanilla Ice which will enable us to have a moment to rap together...wait...what was I talking about? I got caught up in some happy memories rapping with my students. PS Sometimes my job is nothin' but AWESOME. And I do whatever it takes to help them learn. And keep myself entertained. 

Okay, what? EYEBROWS.

So instead of listening, most of the time I'm just staring in utter fascination at their eyebrows. Waiting for them to come to life and wave at me. Or talk. Or dance. Or something. How are eyebrows that thick and wide and intense even possible? And they ALL have them. And tweezing...nope. Not happening. Cosmetologists of the world: you could rake it in here! FREE TIP!

Anyway, if I had that BIONIC EYEBALL CAMERA I've been wanting, I'd have a bunch of awesome pictures of some scary hairy-caterpillar next-level eyebrows. But alas, that's still a no-go. So this is all I can leave you with...I'm at work, they talk, and all I see is THIS:

I should get paid extra for never mentioning it.

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